Anthony Pyke

Putney Junior Art School
Slade School (Drawing)
Eastbourne Art School
Chelsea Art School

London Group
Royal Academy
Redfern Gallery
Drian Gallery London
Grosvenor Gallery

1961 London
1964 (Critics Choice)
Born London 1921


Exhibited at :
Anthony was an intensely private person and, almost in spite of himself, gained an international reputation. His brilliant and uncompromising work may be found in private ownership throughout the world.

Anthony worked for many years on a part-time basis as an Art/Diagnostic Therapist, which gave him the freedom to develop a personal idée-fixe without the pressure of exhibitions. His inspiration came from a profound understanding of landscape, and many of his later paintings are derivative of the landscape and seascape of the South East Coast of England where he had his home.

Anthony Pyke died in 2001 at the age of eighty. He wanted his work to be exhibited and not forgotten, as he had gained an International recognition. Whilst he was alive, he was only concerned with painting and was fortunate enough not to be unduly pressured by selling his work.

Anthony’s work is a unique representation of a contemporary vision for a period which has been largely overlooked, but which nevertheless remains relevant for today. He was very protective of his work during his lifetime, and reluctant to allow access to it apart from to a few close friends and family. He nevertheless acknowledged the importance of his work to the art world, and also acceded to the wishes of his family that his work should be seen and enjoyed by a wider public. He therefore agreed that after his death his paintings should be exhibited and made available.

Now his family would like his work to be shown and appreciated to other artists and the world for inspiration.
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